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Hosting children at the farm is a great way for us to share our farming experiences with future generations!  We provide a fun and educational excursion for elementary schools, preschools, day-care groups, home school groups, mom's clubs and playgroups.  Tours can be tailored to meet your group's needs.

see the chickens make a scarecrow to take home milk the cows in the Kestermeier Cattle Barn get lost in the corn field maze grab a snack in the market take a photo in the nursery rhyme garden


Spring Tours               Fall Tours


Due to a major family event, there will be no spring school tours in 2020. Check back for fall dates.


$6 educational price for hayride (guided), corn maze (no guide), animal area (no guide), garden (no guide) Only guided hayrides this day. All other activities on your own with staff available to answer questions. Pumpkin painting and scarecrow making will be available. You must make a reservation to attend this day to guarantee a hayride. Only morning hayrides available, you will be assigned a time at preregistration.

The farm will be open 9 am to 2 pm this day.


Monday, October 5th, Home School, Day Moms' Groups, Playgroups and Open Family Day

    $6 per person, educational price for guided hayride, corn maze, animal area, garden tour.

    Preregistration requested. Arrive 9:45 am for our 10:00 am to 12:00 pm guided tours.

       SPECIAL: 9:15am only - $1 extra per person, for pumpkin painting. Registration required.

       Buildings will be available for families to eat lunches brought to the farm or purchase lunch

       items in the market. Enter to win a Sweetapple Farm T-shirt (at no cost) for 

       Homeschoolers on this day : ) 


During the fall season, we are ONLY open for scheduled school tours on weekdays, not open to the public. Thus, we encourage families with challenging schedules to join the Home School Days because we are open to the public from 9am-2pm those two days in the fall. Our other days are packed with school tours, and for safety reasons with the large number of children, we do not allow the public at the farm during these types.


feed the goats complete the garden word find sniff your way through the herb garden pick from numerous types of squash & gourds  roast a hot dog or marshmallow shop in the market for shirts, beef & crafts




15 min from Parkersburg Toll Bridge

15 min from West Marietta - SR7 & SR 550

Across from Warren High School 

149 Sweetapple Rd,  Vincent, Ohio



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