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September & October

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Monday, September 30th. Moms' Groups, Playgroups and Open Family Day

Tuesday, October 1st, Home School Day

    Details for these events are at:  Educational Tours Page

see the chickens make a scarecrow to take home milk the cows in the Kestermeier Cattle Barn get lost in the corn field maze grab a snack in the market take a photo in the nursery rhyme garden

2019 Fall Tours

Tours are guided and must include 15 people or more.  Tours are $6.00 for students, parents, and siblings.  One teacher per 15 students pays no fee.  The tour will be 2 ˝ hours on the farm and includes some of the following:

  • The Corn Maze...is guided by our staff.  We will explain a day in your life with corn and lead the group through the maze.

  • A Pie Pumpkin Each student will receive a “cantaloupe” sized pumpkin - perfect for kids to carry and can be used to make a pie later. Free pumpkins are not given to parents and siblings who join the tour.

  • Scented Garden & Nursery Rhyme Gardens Our garden areas are fun to smell, touch and just admire! Visitors will learn about why plants give off scents, how they grow, and what the difference is between a plant and a weed! 

  • Farm Animal Discovery Center Visit and learn about the animals in the Kestermeier Cattle Barn. Children will feed the goats as well.

  • The Hayride Take a guided tour to the top of the hill to learn about the cows and enjoy the view. Sing along on your ride!

  • Sack Lunch · Brown bag lunches can be brought on the farm OR we have items available in the market (at an extra charge.) Each group will have a designated lunch time and reserved space to sit. Please mention if you plan to have lunch with us.

  • Please ask about different options for your tour when you call. 

Planning an educational tour

  • Times & Dates: 

    • This tour-set up and pricing is for 8:30AM-2:30PM on Mondays-Fridays ONLY.

    • School tours receive a special rate for educational purposes.

    • September is a better month for your tour and we can be more flexible with your schedule. Generally, the weather in September is more predictable than October.

  • Pricing:  

    • School Tours start Monday, September 16th.  

    • All school tours are $6.00 per person – including adults and siblings – which are both welcome! Teachers are given a discounted or free admission. These prices discounted from regular public price. 

    • SPECIAL PRICE is $5 per person for September 16th to 20th only. All tours after this week are the $6 per person price.

  • Scheduling

    • The earlier you schedule, the better. We start scheduling fall tours in July. We need 3-4 weeks for the best planning, but can plan quick tours IF there is space available.

    • Please email (sweetapplegoats@gmail.com) or call 740-678-7447 with the following information (if you email, please give your contact number/times to call if we have more questions):

      • Date or day of the week you would like your tour. Tours are scheduled to START every half hour from 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM Monday through Friday. (Last tour begins at 1PM.) Sorry, the educational price is not available any other times. Mornings are usually busier than afternoons, so if your group can come at 11am or later, you are more likely to get the date you desire.

      • Tour time (plan to arrive 15 minutes before your tour starts)

      • Grade level of students

      • Number of students, teachers, parents, siblings (note - we discourage large amounts of extra guests)

      • Name of teacher in charge, home/cell phone (in case of inclement weather)

      • Phone and address of school

      • Transportation method - Know how long it will take you to get to the farm. Allow enough time to load the bus/meet parents before leaving your school to be sure you arrive at your designated time. We need to know this for parking.

      • Lunch plans and usual time your students eat lunch  

      • Method of payment (to be sure we have the correct paperwork with your school if it is a Purchase Order)

  • After you schedule - Preparing for the big day

    • Confirmation - You will receive a confirmation sheet in the mail or via email. You must send back a signed copy (scanned in or via US mail) to confirm your reservation

    • Transportation - Confirm with bus drivers as to directions and time leaving.  If parents are driving, please provide maps and specific times they need to arrive so your tour can start on time. If you are late – you will most likely miss your first activity due to other pre-scheduled groups at the farm. 

    • Tour fees

      • Be sure to collect all tour fees from students, parents, siblings and any others coming to the farm. 

      • You will be paying as one group.  Thus, a check or purchase order will ensure your morning goes smoothly. Some schools do one check per teacher.  

      • We WILL refund a child's tour fee if they are absent on the day of the tour. Thus, do not be afraid to make the check out ahead of time. We will give you all the paperwork you need for receipts and refunds.  If there is an issue after the tour, just let us know and we'll get you the receipts/paperwork you need for your school.

      • Parents and siblings pay the same $6.00 as students (sorry, no discounts.) Due to limited availability and time, a pumpkin is not given to parents and siblings.  We encourage a LIMITED number of parents to be sure the children get the full educational experience. Due to space restrictions, we reserve the right to limit the number of parents coming with a group. Please plan ahead on this to ensure effective communication for your tour.

    • Allergies - Let the farm know of any allergies relating to corn, bees or other things students may interact with at the farm.

    • Plastic containers or boxes - Bring these for your group to take pumpkins home.

    • Hot Days - May require extra water for your group.  Please plan accordingly.

    • Cold or Wet Days - Be sure students have appropriate clothing to stay warm.

    • Clothing - All visitors must wear long pants, long sleeved shirts and old, comfortable shoes. This is a real farm, so the proper clothing will help keep the children safe.  Areas around the farm may be muddy even if it is not raining.  Thus, we suggest rubber boots or old shoes be worn to the farm.

    • Gifts in the Market - The market is open during your tour. We have t-shirts, crafts, fall produce, fall decorations and much more!

  • Arriving at the farm

    • Teachers/group leaders should have money collected.  Check in at the market under the big barn to get tour tags and wrist bands.

    • All tours must be paid for in full upon arrival. If you require a purchase order, please plan ahead.

      • Money from children, parents and other guests must be collected before coming to the farm.  

      • To make things flow smoothly upon arrival, we ask that you pay by check or purchase order. Personal, school or PTO checks are accepted.  Please make checks payable to “Sweetapple Farm Market.”

    • You may put lunch items in the building where you will eat lunch.

  • Cancellation:  

    • Safety is our priority for school tours.

      • If you have to cancel because of the weather, there will NEVER be a charge. Sometimes, we may have to cancel due to extensive wetness at the farm due to rain. We will be in constant communication with you about the weather if it MAY be an issue. Thus, the need for a cell phone of the teacher/person in charge.

      • If you need to cancel, you must call within 24 hours of your scheduled tour to cancel. We will invoice $20.00 for a "no show" to each group who does not call to cancel. (NOTE - this is extremely rare). Weather cancellations are not charged this fee. Other exceptions would be for bus/mechanical issues. We will work with you,  but hope you understand we have to schedule staff to be here on school tour days and thus have inconveniences if you cancel.

feed the goats complete the garden word find sniff your way through the herb garden pick from numerous types of squash & gourds  roast a hot dog or marshmallow shop in the market for shirts, beef & crafts




15 min from Parkersburg Toll Bridge

15 min from West Marietta - SR7 & SR 550

Across from Warren High School 

149 Sweetapple Rd,  Vincent, Ohio




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