What is your most favorite thing at Halloween?


---2018 Pumpkin Schedule - The pumpkin patch is open and ready for picking!

Just get a wagon at the main market, then head to the patch for 

  There are many varieties of pumpkins at Sweetapple – everything from the smallest “Wee-Be-Little” variety weighing only a couple of ounces to the big “Gold Rush” variety weighing around 30 pounds.  This year we are continuing the famous blue “Jarradale” pumpkins, adding yet another red “Fairytale” type, three white varieties including “Flatso,” adding a pink variety and many, many more! 

There are pumpkins for every kid – no matter the age – for jack-o-lanterns, baking, displaying for the holiday and just about anything else you can dream up to do with them!

The pumpkins as they began to grow in early July!



Some pumpkins pop up around the farm for fun!

What kind of face will your pumpkin have?

These pumpkin faces will give you an idea of what to paint on your pumpkin at the farm! Painting is available for pie pumpkin sized pumpkins only.


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