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  • PLEASE NOTE:  In order to schedule an event, you must call the farm and complete all required information to be sure you have a reserved space, a reserved hayride and other details.  You must have a completed TOUR FORM, signed and returned to the farm to save your date and time. No event is FINAL until you have a tour form completed.

  • Dates & Times

    • We are open to the public and groups on weekends in September and October. For other dates, call to plan an event.

    • We are open for groups and the public on Friday evenings in October.

    • We are open by appointment from April to October.

    • Most parties spend 3-4 hours at the farm.

    • There is a fee for building space for 2-hours with a scheduled tour.  This includes a fire pit and roasting sticks.

  • Building Space

    • The Bankfront Barn & Market...Our old-fashioned gambrel, bankfront barn provides a beautiful space for events. General seating - 140 people; Dinner/Dance - 100 people. Of course, there is enough room around the entire farmstead for larger groups if casual, depending on what type of event you would like to have. Space is 32x40. The market area (ground floor) is not for rent. 

    • Charles & John's Machinery Shed...Contrary to the name, this building will add extra space for events for medium sized groups. General seating - 140 people; Dinner/Dance - 100 people. Walls are already decorated with giant farm equipment logos. Space is 45x30

    • Country View Room - This building is the back half of the Kestermeier Cattle barn and is space for events for medium sized groups. General seating - 85 people. Walls are already decorated with giant farm equipment logos. Space is approximately 40x30

    • Vera's Tool Shed...This is the old livery on the farm, so it has two sides for your event.  General event - 25 people. 

    • Tables and benches are provided in each space.  Other items can be brought to the farm.

  • Food & Beverages

    • Depending on the size of events, we can provide food to meet your needs. During the fall season, we do not allow outside caterers.

    • General menus for birthdays and anniversary parties have included roasting hotdogs over an open fire, country-style cole slaw and baked beans, chips and drinks. Sorry, no alcohol is allowed on the farm. 

    • Cooking fires are provided as well as roasting sticks with building rental.

    • If you bring your own food - no roasters are allowed.  Please ask for details.

    • We have recommendations for local food options and have the Village Cakery across the road.

  • What to wear

    • Play clothes should be worn to the farm

    • Sturdy shoes (no flip-flops)

  • Fees

    • Depends upon type of event, time of the year and staff needed for us to assist.

    • There is a building charge which includes a fire pit and roasting sticks.

    • With no ticket purchases, the price is $155 for two hours in a building, and includes 15 minutes for set-up and 15 minutes for clean-up.

      • Guests can enjoy the animals and gardens at no charge. There is no general admission.

    • With the purchase of at least 20 tickets ($4 per ticket, can be used for maze, hayride or pumpkin painting), you get these reduced prices:

      • Vera's Tool Shed - $50 for the same amount of time (limit is 25 people in the building)

      • Bankfront Barn, Country View Room or Machine Shed - $75 for the same amount of time.

      • Example: 20 tickets x $4 per ticket = $80 +$50 for building rental = $130, extra tickets are $4 each

    • Groups must pay together in order to get reserved space or reserved tickets.

    • Payment should be with a personal or group check.

feed the goats complete the garden word find sniff your way through the herb garden pick from numerous types of squash & gourds  roast a hot dog or marshmallow shop in the market for shirts, beef & crafts




15 min from Parkersburg Toll Bridge

15 min from West Marietta - SR7 & SR 550

Across from Warren High School 

149 Sweetapple Rd,  Vincent, Ohio



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