Corn Maze Games!

It's more than just a field of corn.  It's sharing with family & friends, getting lost, having a good laugh and much more!  The idea of the maze isn't just walking or getting through in the fastest time.  The object is to find all of the signs in the maze and to make sure you see each and every path!  There are three different ways to explore the maze - color coded signs to help you go the short way - middle of the road - or the long way!


Jack-O-Lantern Maze


Giant Jersey Cow Maze


Vincent Railroad Maze


Farm Scarecrow Salutes Ohio's Bicentennial


All-American Barn Maze


The Cow Jumped Over the Moon!


The Three Little Pigs

2007 Farms Grow Fuel
2008 Honeybees
2009 Little Bo Peep
2010 Weather Vane Rooster
2011 Horsepower!
2012 Little Miss Muffet
2013 Humpty Dumpty
2014 Billy Goat's Gruff
2015 Old MacDonald Had a Farm
2016 Jack and the Beanstalk
2017 Jack & Jill
2018 Little Red Riding Hood
2019 Little Boy Blue


How do we make the maze?

     Additional organic matter is added to the field over the winter since the cows eat down the previous year's maze.  This makes the next maze grow better. Usually, a spring cover crop is planted and then the cows graze it during May and June. Light tillage begins in June, with an expected planting date of July 4th.  This is much later than a regular corn field so the maze will stay green through the fall season. (We just hope we miss any early frosts!)

     Planting takes extra long because of two passes over the field.  We must lower the population to about 20,000 plants per acre (usually it's about 30,000).  The two passes are to make a grid of corn plants over the field so there are no natural 'rows' for our guests to try to follow.  We want to make all of the paths ourselves.

     It takes about one week for us to make the grid on the field, put stakes in and string so we have a nice graph over the whole field.  Then, it seems like we always pick the HOTTEST week of the year to do the cutting.  With map in hand, OSHA safety goggles, sunscreen and the weedeater, we set out to get the maze done.  Each maze has anywhere from 3-5 miles of paths!

     The morning crew usually has it the easiest. From about 7-10am is all they can stand in the heat. The evening crew begins at 6pm and keeps cutting until dark.  Although Red Dog is gone now, Chloe helps us cut the maze each year.  It seems, though, that she laid down on the job a few times and knocked down corn that was supposed to be left standing!

     After cutting down the corn with the weedeaters, we usually have to make an additional pass to cut down any corn that regrows from the roots left behind in the ground.  Then, around August 1st, we get our friend Frank to take us up in the plan to to take a picture.

Hey Eric - "Chloe can't read maps!"  You should have put me in charge!" said Red Dog.

"This way is north!," said Chloe - "No, that's Northeast," said Red Dog.

Corn maze notes...

  • Wear long sleeves, pants and closed toed shoes to enjoy the maze.

  • Flashlight maze nights are Friday and Saturdays in October until 10pm (last group enters at 9:30)

  • Each night maze group must contain an adult with a valid ID.

  • There is no haunted maze - but there is a Spooky Hayride during Hallo-week.  Email for details.

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