Cider & Apples

Our local farmers who work with us to supply local Apples & Cider!

Although our name is Sweetapple - we don't grow our own apples.  Sounds silly, eh?  But - Jim & Mona's first cow's name was Sweetapple.  The name just stuck and the farm has been known by that ever since.

Hidden Hills Orchard

Located on SR 26, east of Marietta.

Lots of great varieties.  We also sell their cider.  Their cider is UV pasteurized. You can visit their farm at 

Lane's Orchard & Farm Market

Located on SR 676, just west of Marietta.

Many apple varieties.  Their cider is not pasteurized, so they cannot sell to others - but CAN sell to the public at their farm location.  Stop by their orchard for a taste. 740-374-3161 



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149 Sweetapple Rd Vincent, Ohio 45784